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Sungai Congkak : Out-of-the-World Jungle River Experience

Here in Sungai Congkak  the water is clean and clear. Not surprising because it forms part of the Hulu Langat Forest Reserve which has been opened to the public since 1982.

Sungai Congkak Entrance

As such it would be an ideal spot for a family outing if you’re looking for a quick weekend getaway.

Being a rainforest, you get to enjoy nature at its best. That doesn’t mean the recreational forest does not come with the necessary facilities.There are enough stalls selling food and drinks, jungle produce and the knick knacks a holidaymaker would need.

Top that with campsite and picnic facilities, chalets, playgrounds, rest huts and even an open hall.

If you’re wondering how much you would have to pay to gain entry into the recreational forest, you would be surprised to hear that you would only have to fork out only RM1.


SUNgai Congkak BBQ
Among the activities you could carry out at Sungai Congkak, include, apart from the ones mentioned above, cycling BBQ, swimming, jungle trekking, night walking and hill climbing. The last three  activities would have to be conducted with the help of nature guides.

Visitor Tips
Although generally Sungai Congkak is a safe place to visit, these tips will come in handy when the recreational forest.

The river may be very inviting, but you must be careful when swimming in it. Common sense dictates that you don’t swim alone, far away from other swimmers.

If you’re excited about trekking, don’t go off on your own to explore the jungle. Always be in a group. Better still never set out without a guide or  without informing the authorities.

Best Time to Visit

Sungai COngkak
Sungai Congkak is crowded during weekends

As you may have already guessed,  any city getaway would be crowded during the weekends. That’s the case with Sungai Congkak Recreational Forest. If you wish to steer clear of the crowds, then you could plan your trip furing a week  day. But then during weekends there would be more options for food and drinks, not to mention toys for children.

If Sungai Congkak captivates you, then you could spend a night or two there. There are chalets and campsites available for visitors wishing to spend a night at the recreational forest.. Even if you’re on a tight budget, you would find options that would serve your visiting the Selangor Tourism website.

What to Eat
You may be wondering about food options are available over at Sungai Congkak. Well, if you care to venture a little out of the forest area, you would numerous stalls offering a good selection of food. Expect to fond the best river fish dishes and also other delicacies like lemang .

Food Stalls Sungai Congkak

There are also guavas, corn and food items  to bring home like raw honey, petai beans, mushrooms and other fresh jungle produce.

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